Who is Tonight’s Watch?

Tonight’s Watch is (currently) comprised of two friends (Cody & Daniel) who thought it would be a good idea to start a blog about television shows and share their thoughts about them.

  • Updates are Tuesdays & Fridays around 5 PM PST, with random updates whenever we can manage.
  • You can follow Tonight’s Watch on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube (not yet).
  • Contact Tonight’s Watch at our e-mail address or any of the above Social Media outlets!

Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a Business Management graduate of Cal State University, Long Beach, who has nothing better to do than watch TV and write down his thoughts about them. When he’s not watching television and passing judgement about it, Daniel can usually be found playing video or tabletop games.

  • Currently Watching: You can keep updated on my Watch List over at my Trakt profile.
  • Currently Reviewing: The 2016 fall season of television pilots!

Who is Cody?

Cody studies Film at Orange Coast College. He writes screenplays and loves to edit films, but until he can do that professionally, he’s watching all of the TV to help you decide what you want to watch. When he’s not writing, he’s making his own movies:


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