KonoSuba: “Give Me Deliverance from this Judicial Injustice!” (Season 2, Episode 1)

It is difficult to talk about a second season of anime to people who have never watched the first. The preview might end up having spoilers, it could seem confusing, or worse, they might not bother with the series even if the first season was great. Pretty much everyone falls into one of these pitfalls when approaching a second season blindly. I, for instance, am only writing about this sequel this season even though there are quite a few continuations. Maybe those shows are amazing, but since I have not seen the first seasons of these shows, I am not going to write a preview on them.

Still, let’s talk about KonoSuba.

KonoSuba was released last year pretty cautiously—it only got eleven episodes and had a ton of fan service. The last few episodes skipped important character introductions to make room for a grand finale and came off a bit confusing towards the end. You could tell that the studio was expecting this to be a one-off season with no continuation. But, KonoSuba was also hilarious. It had great characters accompanied by a very interesting plot. People looked forward to seeing what came next (myself included) and it ended up being so popular that a second season was green-lit before the first ended.

And so, here we are.

The Characters

We once again follow Kazuma Satou, our not-so-heroic hero, who is the very definition of a scumbag: he takes advantage of situations to get what he wants, he womanizes, is vain, and, if necessary, can sometimes be heroic. Yes, he is not a perfect person, but those faults are what make him such an interesting character. When he finally does decide to put himself in danger, you feel much more attached because of his personality.

Still joining Kazume in season two is Aqua, a not-so-godly God, who—much like Kazuma—tries to take advantage of the situations she finds herself in. She likes to complain and is not the smartest person out there, but still tries to help when necessary—though, with less conviction than Kazuma. Last season she tiptoed the line between comedic and annoying. As long as she stays on this line, she is fine, but hopefully she does not cross that border.

Megumin, the fan favorite, is a young girl who specializes in explosions. She has a very powerful explosive spell that leaves her completely useless after one use. She is definitely one of the more helpful characters, but since she refuses to learn any other spell, she has a very big handicap.

Lastly, we have Darkness, the tank of the group. She is extremely powerful, but is also a masochist. She loves being hit to a disturbing degree. It is part of her charm, but it can cause problems for the group as well.

The Conflict

Continuing where the last season left off, Kazuma is jailed for accidentally teleporting a bomb to the house of an important figurehead. As he awaits his trials, his friends try and bust him out to hilarious results.

Overall, Kazuma just wants to live a relaxing life. He thought the life of an adventurer would be rewarding with people being indebted to him and having women fawn over him. But, what he did not count on is that the adventurer’s life is full of peril and requires hard work. How can he put as little work as possible while also getting the most reward? Judging by his bad luck, it does not seem that will be possible for him.

The Criticism

There is so much fan service! Too much! It is seriously distracting. I know this was a staple of the first season, but I was hoping they would tone it down just a bit since the show has already proven to be successful. However, I do not think that will be happening any time soon.

Apart from that, the show is really putting a lot of work into the skewed faces the characters make at points. I do not usually mind these faces, but it was a bit overdone in the first episode. I was hoping this would not be a running gag, but after seeing the faces in the opening, I can only imagine that it will be.

The Conjecture

Kazuma will continuously try and get out of responsibilities while Aqua tries and takes advantage of situations. Megumin will use more explosions, and Darkness will continuing being creepy.

Through all that, there is still the matter of the Dark Lord to deal with. Even though Kazuma does not want anything to do with it, it seems that he keeps coming in contact with his minions, and thus will have to end up fighting more of them. I do not see this anime ending this season, so maybe another high ranking general fight will conclude this season.

The Conclusion

KonoSuba is still great, but its faults are still there as well. In many ways the faults have actually gotten worse, but I am still invested in the show and its characters. If you enjoyed the first season, this first episode will be a welcome return. If you were not a fan of that first season, this is more of the same. For me, I am all in.

Hit the continue button; I am ready.


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