Scum’s Wish (Season 1, Episode 1)

Happy Valentine’s Day, people! … or it would be if you were reading this on Valentine’s Day and not whenever it is you are reading this. As of this writing, it is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by talking about an anime that has unrequited love as its theme? Not only that, but it has moody teens, awkward scenarios, and hiding from reality by dating someone who they are not even attracted to.

“Romantic,” you say? Well, get ready then.

The Characters

Hanabi Yasuraoka is a very interesting character. She seems moody and antisocial, but that is mostly because the love of her life has fallen in love with someone else. She can come off as harsh, but we also see moments of joy in her life as well as moments that she can be silly. It is a very well written character that I believe does a good job with translating what high school students go through sometimes.

Mugi Awaya comes off as the same character. He also has an unrequited love that has fallen for someone else and because of this Mugi comes off as aloof and uncaring. Where the comparison ends is that while Hanabi can have moments of silliness, Mugi is pretty much serious the entire time. He takes control of situations at points even though he seems lost by what to do in the moments. Similar to Hanabi, he is well written and mirrors a high school student well.

The Conflict

Hanabi Yasuraoka is a high school student whose homeroom teacher is someone she has known for a long time, they grew up together and consider each other family … and she has been in love with him for a long time. The problem is that he likes another teacher in the school. Mix that with the age gap between them and you get a love that will pretty much remain unrequited.

Lost to the depression of heartbreak, Hanabi encounters Mugi Awaya—another student who is suffering from the same affliction. He is in love with the teacher that Hanabi’s crush is in love with. Knowing that she also likes him back has put him in a depressing mood, and because of this the two form a unique friendship that turns into a strange passion.

Hanabi and Mugi start dating, but only under the pretense that they are each other’s love interest. They are pretty much using each other to live out their fantasy since they know that their true loves will never love them back. It is a very interesting scenario that I am very curious to see where it goes.

The Criticism

As of this moment, nothing. There is absolutely nothing that I can complain about. The show so far is doing an excellent job of introducing these characters and their situations. I am deeply engrossed and cannot wait to see where the story takes us next.

The Conjecture

It could be one of two things:

The first is the one most people will probably think will happen; as Hanabi and Mugi get closer, they will end up falling for each other. They might fight over these feelings and get scared at the possibility of letting go of the love they have had for so long, but in the end accept each other and become a true couple. This no doubt would be the ideal scenario for those watching, but life does not always go down the ideal route.

The second thing that could happen is that they each fall deeper into depravity. They start confusing the situations and using each other to even unhealthier degrees. After all, these are high school students. This time in their lives is some of the most vulnerable that they will have. They are thrusting themselves into a very awkward situation that could confuse just about anyone. How far will they fall? That is the true question if the show goes down this route.

The Conclusion

Scum’s Wish is fantastic. As of right now it is the most interesting show of the season. I know I said that before with Tanya, but as I go through these shows there is always bound to be another one that impresses. I will say that similar to Tanya, the plot might turn some away. I would say do not hold out hope for a happy conclusion. But, that is just my guess. Regardless of which path it follows, I look forward to seeing what comes next and hope it does not disappoint.

That is this scum’s wish.


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One response to “Scum’s Wish (Season 1, Episode 1)

  • sophiethestark

    I think Scum’s Wish might be one of the best anime I’ve watched so far. Very uncomfortable to watch but at the same time so nice to finally see fleshed out characters that are truly despicable and morally challenged being the protagonists, for once.

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