Masamune-kun’s Revenge (Season 1, Episode 1)

Ever been fat? Made fun of for being fat? Maybe want to get some revenge by getting jacked and showing those people how good looking and awesome you are? Or maybe a crush dissed you when you were fat and you want to show them how hot you can truly be? Well, have I got the anime for you.

Lets face it, we have all at one point thought about bettering ourselves in order to get revenge on those that ridiculed us and made us feel terrible. The problem with these scenarios is that our emotions tend to change after a while. Maybe we are motivated for a time, but we either lose interest or the situation changes. In the world of anime, however, we can see someone take that sweet revenge that we all yearned for at one point. This is Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

The Characters

As of the first episode there are really only two characters worth talking about. The opening shows another important-looking character, but since they have not been introduced yet, we will stick with what we have.

Masamune Makabe is a health nut. He works out everyday, eats healthy, and believes that if you are not good looking, you are nothing. His character wants to be liked by everyone at school, even though on the inside he is scared of being ridiculed. He lives his life that way to get the attention of the second lead character, Aki Adagaki.

Better known as the Brutal Princess, she dislikes men, and completely ruins anyone’s reputation that tries to ask her out; including giving them a humiliating nickname. Despite this she is incredibly popular, especially with the female demographic, and only treats them with respect.

Both characters are not what one would call, “nice people.” Yet it is because of these faults that, so far, I am interested to see where their interactions take them.

The Conflict

We know Masamune is a health nut, but he did not always live his life like that. When he was younger, he was a fat rich kid who thought nothing of those around him. Because of this, he was bullied often, and was ultimately helped out of these situations by Aki. To him, Aki was his savior, so naturally he developed a crush, but was shut down once he confessed to her. Thus began his long plot for revenge.

Not long after, Masamune moved away (the show has not stated why yet) and began to live his life healthier. The first episode begins with him moving back and attending a new high school where Aki is supposedly also attending. His ultimate goal is to get Aki to fall in love with him before he gets his revenge by mocking her in front of everyone like she has done to him and countless others. By the end of the first episode however, she has already figured out who he is, so Masamune has an uphill battle to face.

The Criticism

There is not much to actually critique yet. Everything so far has been adequate, with nothing really disappointing me, with the exception of one thing.

The main character’s motto is that if you are not good looking, you are nothing. While I feel that it is a flawed message that is set up so that character will learn a lesson, the problem is that so far, unattractiveness equals being fat in the show. The two are not correlated, but the show seems to think it is. Obviously the motto of the main character is not suppose to be taken to heart, but the same cannot be said for the second message. Maybe it will also be a lesson learned, but as of right now, I feel it is a pretty big oversight on the show’s part.

The Conjecture

This one is simple to predict. Masamune and Aki will fall in love with each other by the end. There is one more female character that has not been introduced yet, but I predict she will also have feelings for Masamune, which will leave Aki jealous, making her realize that she does care for him. Masamune on the other hand will realize that he still has strong feelings for Aki and wrestle with them throughout the series. It is a bit cliché and we have seen this a million times, but if it ends up being funny or executes everything in a new way, it may be worth the watch.

The Conclusion

So far Masamune-kun’s Revenge is okay. There is that one big problem, but it is not enough for me to completely call this show a failure. If it follows with the clichés one after the other, then it will be worth the skip. As of now, I might just watch another episode or two.

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