Little Witch Academia: “A New Beginning” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Little Witch Academia has had a bit of a history. It originally was an animated short that was shown in Japanese theaters in 2013 before finding its way to YouTube. It was popular enough to get a Kickstarter to release a sequel in 2015, this time titled Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade. The series also saw two manga releases in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Now here we are at long last with its most anticipated anime debut. How does it fare?

The Characters

Atsuko Kagari is a young girl who has been accepted into the magical school of Luna Nova Magical Academy. She is excited to be a part of a school that specializes in magic even though she has no magical background whatsoever. Atsuko is full of energy and tries to make friends quickly even when she is treated poorly. She is also brave to the point where she is willing to face dangerous situations.

Lotte Yansson looks to be gearing up to be Atsuko’s best friend. A nerdy-looking character, she also has a good heart, helping Atsuko out when she is trapped outside of the school. Not too much information is given about her, but given her appearance, she looks to be the character that is most down to Earth and possibly the stick in the mud.

Lastly, we have Sucy Manbavaran, the odd one of the trio. She originally struck me as an antagonist who I did not think was a student at Luna Nova. However, after being rescued by Atsuko, she starts helping her out and ends up being one of her roommates at the academy. She is quiet and does not look to be interested in the company of others. She lashes out with magic if bothered, and honestly, is the most interesting of the three because she seems so out of place. I hope more is done with her other than being friends with the protagonist.

The Conflict

Magic and the people who wield it are known to exist in the world of Little Witch Academia. There is even a school dedicated to teaching them the art of magic. Atsuko Kagari fell in love with magic when she was a little girl after seeing a show put on by a witch called Shiny Chariot. Years later she is accepted into Luna Nova Magical Academy where she will be the first non-magic user to enter.

The school has started letting half-magic users and Atsuko to enter because of financial support. However, this has also started a rift with pure magical students who believe that only those of true magical decent should be allowed access. Atsuko, new to this world, will have to overcome these prejudices while also getting accustomed to world of magic.

The Criticism

Nothing as of yet. The show has done a good job of introducing the characters and getting you accustomed to the world while also peaking interest in what the universe can hold. I look forward to the next episode.

The Conjecture

As I mentioned, the show will tackle the issues of prejudices of non and half-magical users while Atsuko also learns magic. I am sure that an evil presence will either be learned about or discovered. Atsuko also has to become better friends with her two roommates, so there is still that to go through as well.

The Conclusion

Little Witch Academia is a great time. I am intrigued with its world and characters as well as where the story might go. Hopefully it does not fall into a too cliché world with magical elements, but as of right now I am ready to enroll. It has definitely cast a spell on me.

Note: It is worth mentioning that the television series is a new storyline and does not require watching either the original Little Witch Academia or The Enchanted Parade to enjoy.

If you’re interested in watching Little Witch Academia, look for it to be available on Netflix in the future.

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