The Mick: “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Outside of Charlie Day and Danny DeVito, the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has pretty much kept to their own show. Sure, Rob McElhenney found his way onto Lost for a moment and Glenn Howerton had a handful of episodes on The Mindy Project, but for the most part—the gang has always seemed content just being the gang.

That was true, anyway, until Kaitlin Olson decided to branch out from Philly with The Mick.

The Mick introduces us to the titular character, Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy, as she tries to stop being a piece of human garbage long enough to attend her sister’s labor day barbecue to hit her up for money. The opening sequence has Mickey rummaging through a supermarket for whatever she can find to make herself presentable—making sure to use it all in-store without paying, as one does when they are the embodiment of one of those “People of Walmart” blogs—before grabbing a pack of beer and sauntering out the front door. Olson isn’t exactly showing a lot of range with this role—Mickey could easily be Sweet Dee’s new identity after she joins WITSEC to escape her serial killer brother.

Unfortunately for Mickey, a wrench quickly falls into her plans as her sister and her brother-in-law are apprehended by the FBI during their party and Mickey is left in charge of her niece and nephews.

Even then, things would have probably been fine for Mickey if the children had any redeeming qualities of their own, but two of the three children are overused stereotypes of privileged white kids while the last one is just kind of accident-prone. The Mick kind of has a Kimmy Schmidt thing going for it—down to the same snotty kids and terrible parents—if you just swap out Kimmy’s naivete for Mickey’s jaded persona.

I’d like to enjoy The Mick, but it is difficult when there isn’t a single likable character in the bunch. I’m sure things will change as Mickey’s wily nature wears down the bratty kids until they’ve fallen to her level and a happy non-nuclear family will form, but I just don’t think I’m willing to stick around to see that evolution happen.

If I had to venture a guess (and I do), I would say that The Mick will probably follow in the footsteps of Adam Sandler’s Big DaddyAfter having the kids thrust upon her for an indefinite amount of time, Mickey will grow up and mature alongside the children and they will all learn to be better people together. We’ll probably see her try to squirrel her way out of her newfound  responsibilities for the majority of the first season until someone tries to take them away from her and she has to fight to keep them under her care.

With all of this said, The Mick is by no means a terrible show and if you’re a fan of Olson as Dee Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny, you’ll probably enjoy her performance in The Mick. However, I think Olson’s stay in Greenwich will be short-lived and she’ll head back to Philly permanently by the end of The Mick‘s first season.

If you’re interested in the series, The Mick airs Sundays on FOX. If you’d like to see what else Daniel is watching, you can check his Trakt page to keep up-to-date with all of his shows.


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