Extra Credit: The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards

If you were browsing aimlessly through your television channels tonight, you might have noticed that a little award show known as the Emmys aired this evening. Some people say it is the biggest night of the year for television, but those people haven’t experienced the Watchies.

Come to mention it, no one (outside of Tonight’s Watch) has ever experienced the Watchies. Maybe we’ll get around to releasing that little award show to the public one of these years–but, that year probably won’t be this year!

This year, Cody and I managed to get a last minute draft together for our “most likely to be awarded” picks and it added some extra stakes to the ceremony that made it all the more enjoyable to watch. We decided it would be best to share our results with you in the form of an Extra Credit post so that we wouldn’t spoil the results for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to watch the ceremony tonight and still wanted to! So, without further ado ..

WARNING: Spoilers for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards after the jump!

We made our choices about five minutes prior to the awards ceremony starting, so some of the choices might have leaned more towards passion picks rather than rational choices for what would win each category (we’re looking at you The Americans and Mr. Robot), but in the end, I achieved victory with eleven correct picks while Cody took second (read: last) place with seven correct picks. From that selection of correct picks, four of them were matches between the two of us.

What did you want to win an Emmy tonight? Did any of your favorite shows get snubbed? For those of you who are wondering,  the “Extra Credit” series of articles will apply to anything we do that isn’t in the purview of our traditional duties of watching the pilots to all of the newly airing series. Basically, anything that requires extra work outside of our required assignments is fair game for Extra Credit. Cody and I had some fun with this tonight and we are planning a few more Extra Credit articles for the upcoming months, including a “Netflix Top 50” article that we’ve hinted at on our social media pages. Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of the ceremony and what other types of Extra Credit articles you’d like to see from us!

Until next time!

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