First Watch: Super Fun Night – “Anything for Love” (Season 1, Episode 1)

With just over seventy reviews up on Tonight’s Watch at this point, regular readers probably know how I feel about television pilots. I’ve spent a lot of time defending poor pilots for (eventually) good television and we even have a rule at Tonight’s Watch that stops us from backing out of a show before it has time to find its footing. I think that the three episode rule is worth it, however, since there are plenty of excellent shows that I would have missed out on had I not followed through. Still, I regret that rule sometimes.

This is another one of those times.

Super Fun Night is a new comedy series that follows the misadventures of Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Wilson) and her two best friends, Marika (Lauren Ash) and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira), as they try to bring some excitement to their lives with their “Super Fun Night” Fridays. Like Leonard or Jess before her, Kimmie is a socially awkward nerd trying to break out of her shell and win the affections of a person who they believe to be out of their league. In Super Fun Night, that person is Richard (Kevin Bishop). Richard isn’t that interesting of a character (but, who in this show is?) and all that is really gathered from him in the pilot is that he likes Kimmie (as a friend, at least) and is somewhat resistant to the charm of Kimmie’s rival for his affections, Kendall (Kate Jenkinson).

If you already watched the “pilot” to Super Fun Night and were a little confused about why there was very little introduction to the main cast (especially the budding relationship between Kimmie and Richard), don’t worry, it’s not just you. It turns out that the creators decided to scrap the real pilot to Super Fun Night and just start the series from the second episode due to poor reception from test audiences. What really worries me, though, is that this new “pilot” was not all that great either. It does not give me much hope for the series when the episode they chose to strengthen the show’s early ratings only made me laugh once during the entire episode.

But, that’s okay. The show might get better, right? Nope. As of writing this review, I’ve already watched my required three episodes for the series and I cannot say that it got much better. The series seems to be keen on sticking with Kimmie throwing herself out there and getting shoved in the dirt episode after episode — with a chance for Rebel Wilson to sing a random song mixed in, of course.

While I could not enjoy the “pilot” for Super Fun Night, I really did want to like it. Rebel Wilson’s appearance on Conan convinced me to give her a second chance as Kimmie Boubier, but the following episodes were just as bad. The Halloween episode almost ranked in as “okay”, but the random Monster Mash musical number at the end kind of put me off. There was no reason for it other than the fact that Rebel Wilson wanted to sing in this episode and it added nothing.

How did this show get a full season order?

  • Rating: Heavy Sigh out of 10.
  • Comment:  Super Fun Night is not Dads, but it definitely did not provide a super fun night of television viewing.
  • You might like Super Fun Night if you like: comedies; laughing once every thirty minutes; the idea of a less enjoyable, female counterpart of The Big Bang Theory; Glee, but hate that their musical numbers have purpose within the show

Super Fun Night airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM PST on ABC.

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