Review: Dexter – “Monkey in a Box” (Season 8, Episode 11)

With America’s second largest cable company not airing Dexter episodes for a good chunk of the season, it was easy to justify missing some Dexter updates. However, the time for slacking is over now since the series finale airs later this evening. This season has been a little rocky (especially with Breaking Bad airing alongside it this year), but I still hold that the worst seasons of Dexter have still been decent television. That being said, I’m glad that this is the last season — Dexter needs to be retired.

Let’s talk about Dexter‘s penultimate episode, “Monkey in a Box”.

A lot has happened since my last review of Dexter, but not that much has changed. Since then, Deb and Dexter have patched things up, Hannah has showed up and killed her latest husband, Dexter and Hannah have patched things up, a Marshall has shown up to pursue Hannah and keep Elway in the show, Deb has left Elway’s to go back to Miami Metro, Dexter has decided to move to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, and Oliver Saxon (Darri Ingolfsson) turned out to be Daniel Vogel — Evelyn’s “dead” son who has really bad mommy issues.

Oh, and Saxon killed Evelyn.

By the time we get to “Monkey in a Box”, Dexter is drowning as he tries to keep both his worlds afloat. In one hand, he struggles to hold up Hannah and Harrison as they screw up everything by going to an emergency room while she’s a wanted woman (thanks, Harrison), and in the other, he struggles with how to deal with Saxon. Luckily, Saxon gives him a hand in this episode.

After showing up at Miami Metro to clear his name from Cassie’s murder (oh yeah, she died), Saxon decides to pop-in at Dexter’s open house to put down an offer. Not really on the house, but hey, it is a pretty nice location. Saxon wants to offer Dexter a truce — if Dexter just lets it go, they can all live their lives happily ever after. Except for the fact that Dexter took a DNA sample from Saxon at Miami Metro. If they can’t figure out to pursue Saxon after two people close to Saxon died around the same time, he probably deserves to live happily ever after in Miami.  Though, I guess they never picked up on Dexter either despite being under the same suspicious circumstances. It looks like Saxon will go free if Dexter lets him.

But, he won’t.

Dexter decides that he must go after Saxon because he can’t leave a serial killer for Miami Metro police department to solve on their own and sends video of Saxon murdering people to a local news station to draw him out. Of course, this works. Dexter and Deb set the trap and eat one last steak dinner in Miami while waiting for Saxon to see the news and come for him. The plan works and they catch Saxon right as he is about to kill Dexter in his bed.

I thought for sure that they would be ending the Saxon storyline an episode early so that they could deal with the Marshall and Elway pursuing Hannah as they try to escape to Argentina in the finale, but I thought wrong. Dexter brings Saxon to his kill room and, right before finishing the job, decides that he doesn’t need to kill him any more. He wants to be with the one he loves, Hannah. So, he calls in Deb and tells her to come pick up Saxon so that he can move on with his life.

Then, the Marshall — who apparently hasn’t seen the news because he has been following Dexter and Deb this entire time but not long enough to notice anything suspicious — enters Dexter’s kill room and lets the wanted serial killer loose. So, he’s dead. Then, Deb shows up and gets shot. Great. Saxon is loose.

At the beginning of this season, I thought that either Dexter or Deb would have to die (and probably at the fault or hand of the one who doesn’t die). It seems like it is going to be Deb. Sure, she could make it out of this season with a gunshot wound, but I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case. I’m kind of disappointed that Dexter is leaving with Hannah or the fact that Deb and Quinn are probably going to end up a couple if she lives. I don’t like either coupling, but it seems like things are looking towards a happy ending. I really wanted Deb not to take him back and for him to die protecting her, but things can’t ever go how I want.

I guess we will see how all of it ends tonight. Do you have any last minute theories on how Dexter will end? Post your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll see who gets what right after tonight!

Hey, what happened to Angie Miller?


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