Turning Point: Dexter – “Scar Tissue” (Season 8, Episode 4)

“I think I know how he feels, why he killed himself. But I think he got it only half right.”

Well, that was an episode.

Seeing as how this review was due over a week ago, I’m sure you all can gather that I’ve had some troubles thinking about what to say about this episode of Dexter. But, I think I figured out a way to work around my block and find a way to talk about this episode. The problem with “Scar Tissue” is, while it is a fairly mediocre episode of Dexter, it is a rather eventful season finale for Debra, the secret spin-off we have been watching since the beginning of this season.

The episode begins where Deb’s descent into the darkness began — in the shipping container where Deb shot LaGuerta — with Vogel trying to help Deb through her troubles. It’s a little suspect to me that Deb would even accept help from Vogel, but it is apparent that the two have logged some significant time together off-screen since the last episode. After a bit of tough love from Vogel, the reason for the return to the shipping container becomes clear: Vogel wants Deb to face her trauma, to convince Deb that she made the right decision — even if it meant harming an innocent woman.

Deb comes to another conclusion, though.

In a last-ditch effort to soothe Deb’s tormented soul, Vogel tries to appeal to the fact that Harry had to deal with the same problems (facing the reality about Dexter) and eventually let it consume him as he took his own life in the end. This seems to hit home with Deb as she spends the rest of the episode in a much better state of mind than the rest of the season — she even is nice to Quinn. Poor, foolish, soon-to-be-ruined Quinn.

Then Deb does a bad, bad thing as the episode ends.

Oh yeah, Dexter does some further sleuthing into the candidates for the Brain Surgeon in this episode, too. He stumbles upon AJ Yates (a.k.a. the Man Who Had Part of His Brain Removed, a.a.k.a. Most Obvious Suspect for Brain Surgeon Ever, a.a.a.k.a. Definitely Not the Brain Surgeon) and fumbles through his house, which only serves to alert Yates to his existence. Yates is clearly too obvious a candidate for the Brain Surgeon, though. Not to mention the fact that he says “[Vogel]’s found herself a hero” when he first sees Dexter in his house, which seems to imply that he didn’t know Dexter was with her yet and, whoever (s)he might be, the Brain Surgeon already knows Vogel has an ally (as made evident in the last episode’s “his” and “her” brains).

Dexter also has a potential “love interest/future innocent murder victim” in his neighbor Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz), but I’m pretty sure she’s going to get killed by the Brain Surgeon or Hanna in an episode or two. She’s got the look of a sheep headed for the slaughter on her face. I mean, why else do minor character surface on Dexter, if not to die?

But, that’s about it for the Dexter side plot this episode.

I had originally planned to make the next episode (“This Little Piggy”) my Turning Point for this season, but it’s really this episode where Deb’s catharsis occurs. This episode marks rock bottom for the depressed, suicidal Deb and is the real turning point for her character (and consequently, the season as a whole), which will probably fall back in favor of Dexter’s exploits for the rest of the season. I’m a little disappointed in the episode’s final scene because it means that it won’t be the way the shows ends (or, if it is the way it ends, it takes some of the impact away) and I was quite pleased with that possibility. However Dexter does end, though, I’m still excited to see it happen.

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