Season Premiere: Wilfred – “Uncertainty” (Season 3, Episode 1)

“The mistake is thinking that there can be an antidote to the uncertainty.”

Ah, Wilfred. With two seasons complete, the outline for the series seems to be set — comedic (and some times tragic) one-offs where Wilfred teaches Ryan life lessons sandwiched between serious inquiries about the nature of Wilfred and Ryan’s sanity (or potential lack thereof). The first season segues into the second with the idea that the basement might not be real, with the implication being that Ryan has been sitting in his closet, smoking pot with his neighbor’s dog for some time now. The second season goes the same route, but in a bigger way: Ryan knew Wilfred since before Wilfred was born.


As mentioned, the third season of Wilfred picks up a short time after the second season’s big reveal of Wilfred being in one of Ryan’s childhood paintings. Ryan has been obsessing (as evidenced by the conspiracy board) over what this says about the nature of Wilfred and comes to the obvious conclusion — Wilfred is a figment of Ryan’s imagination brought about to hide from the traumatic experiences in his life (most recently, his suicide attempt).

Wilfred, on the other hand, has a different theory. Wilfred offers the theory that he is a magical being, an immortal entity, that has been around since the beginning of time. He attempts to prove his theory by drinking an ‘antifreeze-tini’, which leads to Ryan taking him to the vet to get his stomach pumped. Of course, this proves Wilfred’s theory that Wilfred can’t die, right? Well, Wilfred thinks so. The actual takeaway from this scene, however, comes about when they reveal that Wilfred has a microchip in him from his previous owner in Sacramento, which gives Ryan the opportunity he needs: to find a picture of Wilfred as a puppy and prove Wilfred wrong.

Ryan and Wilfred make the trek to Wilfred’s old home and come up with some interesting finds. Apparently, since Wilfred ran away, his old owner passed away and left her estate to her new dog, Stinky — a clone of Wilfred with a terrible British accent. Stinky’s caretaker (Angela Kinsey) takes Ryan to view some old photos of Wilfred while the two dogs have a bit of a party with some cocaine and stuffed giraffes downstairs. This life of luxury, mixed with a bit of crazy from Stinky’s caretaker, calls for the two dogs to pull a Trading Places. Stinky, pretending to be Wilfred, discusses with Ryan over who was right about the nature of Wilfred from the facts that they discovered at the house … and then Stinky tries to get Ryan to commit suicide by ‘antifreeze-tini’ and lets it slip that he isn’t actually Wilfred.

Wilfred(?) as a Puppy

“The answers will come in good time. For now, you’re just going to have to live with a little uncertainty,”

Ryan realizes that he’s left Wilfred behind with the crazy caretaker and heads back to save him, only to find her dressing him up in a Superman costume and taking pictures of him. Stinky’s treachery leads to Wilfred declaring the only possible resolution: rape fight. Fortunately, Ryan leaves and Wilfred follows after what can only be assumed to be a loss for everyone involved.

In the final moments of the premiere, Wilfred burns (what appears to be) Ryan’s childhood painting and tells him that the answers will come in time and that Ryan must deal with a little bit of uncertainty in his life until then, to which Ryan finally agrees with — his lesson is learned.

What do you think Wilfred is? A hallucination brought on by mental instability (or some sort of Cylon microchip)? An immortal being who has dallianced with mankind since time began — from hanging out with the Troglodytes to being rescued from captivity by the heroic, well-dressed German men from the clutches of Anne Frank? Maybe Wilfred is right, maybe none of that matters right now. Maybe all that matters is that Wilfred is still the hilarious, yet dark, comedy it has been for the last two seasons and shows no signs of weakening.


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