Season Premiere: Suits – “The Arrangement” (Season 3, Ep. 1)

Suits, how I’ve missed you. You have no idea how much I’ve needed something to fill the void Southland left when it was brutally canceled before it’s time. From the very first note of Greenback Boogie to the credits, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. So far, Suits, you have not missed a step: your dialog is top notch, your music accents every scene like a tie does for, well, a suit, and the acting is academy award worthy.

Thus ends my love letter. Let’s talk about season three.

Everyone hates Mike. Last season, Mike screwed Harvey to avoid getting screwed by Jessica, then told Rachel that he was screwing the system (which, in a way, screwed Rachel) — and then Rachel and Mike screwed in the file room. It was hot. And a little confusing. The first meeting between Mike and Rachel after their hot ‘n heavy office session occurs after a nightmare that drives Mike into her arms. Unfortunately, Rachel’s arms are not open — and she makes it clear that neither is her bed.

While Mike deals with the fallout of stabbing his mentor in the back, Harvey revisits the old feeling of clashing with his own mentor. As we recall, Harvey lost a challenge that cost him his managing partner title, and Harvey was more than a little upset with Jessica. Now Harvey has a client, Dr. Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley), whom Darby considers to be of utmost importance. Darby considers the criminal defense assignment especially difficult — because Hessington is guilty.

Mike might be unraveling. His nightmares seep into his waking hours in an unhealthy-hallucinogenic way. I empathize with Mike; Harvey’s refusal to accept Mike’s apology hurts me. Donna has even separated from Mike. The only person who seems to be in Mike’s corner — for selfish reasons — is Jessica. Until Louis Litt comes in. Louis is the most complicated comic relief character I’ve ever come across. He vacillates between the main plot, often as the minor opposition, and his own arc, in which he’s always the protagonist. Just like Syndrome, Louis’ antagonistic actions are the direct result of Harvey’s lack of respect for Louis; Louis worships Harvey and Harvey spits on him. Even at his worst, Louis remains relatable, or at least pitiable. This episode carried over Louis’ opponent from last season: Nigel Nesbitt. Nigel and Louis have been facing off in dire office bylaw combat. Louis won, but Nigel is back. When Nigel defeats Louis this time, Louis is crushed. He begs for mercy and it breaks my heart. Louis does have one other role: occasional substitute mentor. During times like these, when Harvey and Mike are on the outs, Louis steps in to supply sense and advice to the two of them. And he’s always funny.

On this occasion, Louis comes in with a DC Comics reference for Mike — Harvey was Superman, but Harvey can’t be Superman anymore; Now he’s Batman and he needs Robin. This is just the speech Mike needs to hear in order to get him back on the horse. Mike’s new plan is to prove his value to Harvey. Harvey also has a plan — to do without Mike and get Scottie to help him, instead. Of course, Scottie is pretty upset that Harvey opted to send her back to England, but Harvey is a charmer.

Harvey and Mike might still be at odds, but at least Mike has patches things up with Rachel. He does this by offering truth and, more importantly, loyalty — the theme of the episode, as Donna points out, is loyalty. In the spirit of loyalty, Harvey wants to make another deal (which can’t possibly go wrong) in order to make managing partner behind Jessica’s back. With the first episode as explosive as this, I can’t wait for the second.


One response to “Season Premiere: Suits – “The Arrangement” (Season 3, Ep. 1)

  • Daniel

    I really need to start watching this show. It already looked really good with the original cast, but with the additions of Conleth Hill and Michelle Fairley to the roster, there is no excuse for me not to having seen a single episode.

    I will never get Greenback Boogie out of my head. Damn you, IMA Robot. Damn you and your catchy songs.

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