Review: Dexter – “Every Silver Lining” (Season 8, Episode 2)

“You were wrong about me — I’m a mistake.”

In this episode of Dexter, Deb does a bad, bad thing, Dexter is blinded by Vogel affirmations, the Brain-Baller becomes the Brain Surgeon (I still like my nickname better) and Quinn’s purpose in the final season becomes slightly clearer — or at least, I have a theory about what his purpose is now.

While “A Beautiful Day” focused on Dexter dealing with an emotionally and spiritually devastated Deb, “Every Silver Lining” seems centered around Dexter trying to move on without Deb as his emotional anchor while Vogel slithers closer to Dexter to fill the void Deb left behind.

Dexter’s life has always been a juggling act between his work, his need and his family, but things are becoming a little bit more complicated this go around. Dexter is simultaneously trying to do his job for Miami Metro, take out baddies, protect Deb from herself , protect Vogel from “the Brain Surgeon” (herself, too, most likely) and be a father to Harrison. Oh, wait, Harrison wasn’t even in this episode. So, he’s already dropping some balls here. Dexter seems like he’s falling for Vogel’s game–she’s telling him how perfect and evolved he is, how much of a gift he is to the world, but I don’t think any viewer is falling for it. Her motives are a bit unclear so far, but it’s obvious enough that Vogel has some ulterior motives going on. But, I’ll talk more about my Vogel theories at a later time.

Deb is still a hot mess.

The scenes that stands out the most to me are those surrounding Quinn. Quinn has been getting his own storylines for a couple of seasons now, but that is usually because he is a piece of the bigger puzzle. Quinn’s part has yet to be fully uncovered for the final season, but his lingering feelings for Deb and the way he is finally starting to clean up and try to improve himself for Jamie (and himself, too) leads me to believe that he will get one more chance to throw it all away. The only question is whether people can change or not, Dexter as a show seems to think they can–but, I think they’ve shown more instances where they can, but won’t.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this season goes and there is bound to be heaping helpings of drama along the way. So, while we wait for next week’s episode of Dexter, it’s time for some theories! This time, I’ll be theorizing about the tangled web of Deb.

I feel like the Deb storyline can go one of three ways at this point (as follows, listed in my order of likelihood):

  • Quinn dies or takes the jail sentence or ruins his life in some other major way for Deb.
    • There is no question that Quinn is being set up for something big this season–we don’t get to watch Masuka off-the-clock (though, how awesome would that be? Masuka spin-off, please!), but we’ve got plenty of Quinn scenes. It’s being established that he still has feelings for Deb, so much so that he isn’t really a part of his relationship with Jamie. In this episode, I got the feeling that he is going to keep an eye on Deb and will find out about her murders — I don’t see Quinn making it out of the series with a happy ending.
  • Dexter dies or takes the jail sentence for Deb.
    • This is currently the obvious result, in my opinion. Almost every person I have talked to about Dexter believes it should end with Dexter either in shackles or dead  and I don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t think it’s the best ending. I think if Dexter dies or takes the jail sentence, it will be because he realizes Vogel is no good and chooses Deb (freedom) over Vogel  (his dark passenger). Family versus Dexter’s need has been done before in the show, but I feel like it has always been a temporary thing (he always goes back to killing) — this season being the last could solidify the choice he has made in the past, but might come off stale since it has been explored before.
  • Deb dies or goes to jail.
    • It’s possible that Deb ends up a casualty in Dexter’s struggle to live a normal, serial killer/dad life, but I think it is the least likely and least satisfying option for the show. Dexter has done bad things and he needs to redeem himself in one way or another — Deb’s death might be the final push to make him change, but I hope it doesn’t go that far.

What did you think of this episode of Dexter? Got theories of your own? Think my theories are bad and I should feel bad? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to read what you think.

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