Review: Twisted – “Grief is a Five Letter Word” (Season 1, Episode 2)

“Let’s just say she doesn’t have as good of a poker face as her son.”

In the second episode of Twisted, Karen Desai takes steps to protect her son, the Masterson family squabbles over Jo being friends with Danny, Lacey continues to struggle with maintaining her popular kid persona and some secrets begin to spill out about the murder five years ago.

Danny might be the ‘main’ character of Twisted, but this episode seemed to shift a lot of focus onto the other Desai. Throughout the episode, it becomes increasingly apparent that Karen seems to fit the bill of “socio” much more than her son does — or Denise Richards does not have the ability to express emotions, I’m not sure. Karen is completely unfazed when it comes to discussing her husband’s sudden, mysterious death (it’s almost like she did it!) and the only expression she does manage to convey is surprise when Jo’s father, sheriff Kyle Masterson (Sam Robards), asks her about a necklace that went missing in the recent town murder.

At the Masterson household, Jo is still dealing with her father’s distrust of Danny as she tries to prove his innocence with the help of her trusty sidekick, Rico (Ashton Moio). Jo’s mother, Tess (Kimberly Quinn), seems to have a strained relationship with Danny’s mother and, like her daughter, gives Danny the benefit of the doubt–it seems to me like she might know something or two about the relationships between Danny’s parents and his aunt and will play a part in figuring out who actually is behind the murders. Too bad that insight probably reveal itself much later.

Back at the school, Lacey deals with the loss of her ‘best friend’ in a subplot that I could have done without. So far, Lacey’s entire purpose in the show seems to be to demonstrate how kids have to struggle between being themselves and being popular. It is established in the pilot that in the five years before the show started, Jo was busy dealing with her feelings of betrayal and anger towards Danny and Lacey was bottling up her feelings to be popular. Now that Danny’s back, she’s feeling all sorts of awkward-teen-drama feelings that her popular friends can not (or will not) understand. This leads to lots of awkward longing stares towards Jo sitting by herself, while Lacey wishes she could just go talk to her old best friend about it.

Poor Lacey.

While I’m still not entirely hooked on this show, I’m definitely interested in seeing more–even if for no other reason than to see if I should bother covering ABC Family shows ever again. Twisted‘s “murder mystery” seems less a question of ‘whodunnit’ and more of a question of when will they be found out, but it’s completely possible that the show proves me wrong and there is some real twist along the way. There are questions that I do not have answers to (Why does Danny have the necklace if he is innocent?) that keep me willing to watch more, but how long can that last?

Twisted, you have got my attention–let’s hope you can keep it.

If you missed it, you can see my first impression of Twisted over here.

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